Fall Semester

During the fall, imagiCal members split off into teams and consult for various businesses. Some examples of our clients include:


Spring Semester

In the spring, we prepare for the National Student Advertising Competition and form departments below.

The National Student Advertising Competition is the premier college advertising competition that provides more than 2,000 college students the real-world experience of creating a strategic advertising/marketing/media campaign for a corporate client.


Employ skills in market research, data analysis, and strategic frame-working to make key decisions. Create data-supported strategic plans to decide the direction of projects and campaigns. 

Key Deliverables


Crafts, communicates, and guides execution of the campaign’s main idea. Tackles the challenge of articulating the brand or product’s unique value propositions in a way that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable to the consumer. 

Key deliverables

Public Relations

Create memorable, interactive, and engaging executions that extend the creative messaging. Public relations initiatives include identifying strategic partnerships, creating experiential marketing events, and generating social media campaigns.

Key deliverables


Determines how campaign advertisements will be executed and budgeted, by analyzing which media vehicle (such as social media, television, print, podcasts, ect.) is best for each advertisement and its financial implications. Schedules when and at what intensity these executions will be implemented over the course of the campaign.

Key Deliverables


Executes the ideas brought forth by all departments, integrating strategic and creative messaging in PR and media channels. Determines the look and feel for the campaign, including graphics, print and video advertisements. Translates words on paper into tangible visuals for the specific target audiences. 

Key deliverables